Story from the school desk of SMAN 2 Ponorogo

Girl of the World

(Story from the school desk)

My beloved friend




Reader, hmhmm… do you know Orchid. Yeah! That’s the most handsome flower in the world. Hehee… alay!

Our almamater

8 handsome boys Sains 4

A long time ago, when I was in school. Yup.. I’am admiring this “flower” even until now. I don’t know why it’s happen to me. But sometime, I think that “Am I foolish girl? That can’t translate the behavior and their attitude? Or Am I too have a big expectations??

Hahaa… it’s difficult for me. Only time could answer all of the live. I hope that everything gonna be OK! Close friend, I mean that we are one family. If someone get hurt, someone else gonna hurt too. If someone happy, someone else gonna be happy too.

The conclusion is friendship is more than everything. I hope we will meet together in other conditions. I mean better than now. And I’m sure that about a year later we have to get a job or Insyaallah if Allah gives me permission to me to continue my study to the higher education in Europe. I’ll go!! Go to the other country to looking for the Allah science. And I promise that I will go back. And give my best contribution to my country.



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