Lutfi Afifah’s International Summer School Concordia University’s “La Joie de Montréal”

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“ I’m so interest in this Summer School Program. In this program I wish could reach my dream to study in Montréal, Canada and study more about culture, civilization, and many languanges like English and French. Montréal culture and civilization is  so unique. I hope that I will find a unique blend of European and North-American influences, which easily make Montréal Canada’s trendiest city. I am very ambitious to share my country culture and civilization. I saw how human plurality is the basis for the growth of modern civilizations.  This is the basic foundation and “morality” to build a new generation.  I dream of bright young people, who have strong personalities, built from the power of plurality.  This is what I gained from my observation of Canada, which I have tried to build in my country. I’m interest in Global environmental issues and I hope that this summer school will help me to develop similar skills in additions share it and giving back to my country”.

I’m Lutfi Afifah, fourth years student of Bogor Agricultural University. My major is Plant Protection and minor is Communication. I have some experiences in research about Plant pest and disease. Recently, I got receiver fund from DIKTI sector of research in Student Creativity Programs. I became a leader of this research. I also had a freelance in Nematology Laboratory, Faculty of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University and also I have been accomplish well freelance in BALITKABI (Center of Research about Legume and Tubers in Indonesia) Malang, East Java, Indonesia  as a research some food crop disease from client.

I like reading and public speaking. I am lecture assistant in several subject. First, I am lecture assistant in Study of Biology of Plant Pathology and taught about 86 students majoring in Plant Protection. Second, lecture assistant in Study of Basic of Plant Pest and taught about 80 students majoring in Plant Protection. Third, lecture assistant in Study of Basic of Communication and taught about 84 student majoring in Marine Technology and Agronomy and Horticultur. Fourth, lecture assistant in study of Entomology and taught about 60 students majoring in Plant Protection.

I have involved my self to many organization and activities like Ecexutive Student Association (BEM Agriculture faculty) as Human Resource and Development staff, Entomology Club, Association students of Ponorogo “Manggolo Putro”, Leadership and Entrepreneurship School (LES) BEM KM IPB, Association student of Plant Protection Indonesia, etc. I want to develop my ability in Leadership and also in Entrepreneurship. Beside that, I have big motivation in my education and other social activities that increase my soft skill. So that I could help others.

I want to be useful person to others in my life. Sometimes, people say I’m too ambitious. I’m but still have done a lot. Believe me, I’ll do something great for our live, but I can’t if I’m alone. Please let me join in this International Summer School Courses.

So, Please Vote for me guys!

Best regards,

Lutfi Afifah



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