I’m at February 16, 2011

February 16, 2011 [00.40 WIB]

“I know that live isn’t easy. I know that God has a beautiful plan for us. I know that succesfull isn’t comes suddenly but it comes by its process. I know that everything isn’t comes as well as we want. Yeah, thats live. Full of challenge and full of unpredictable things.“


Plant protectionist
Practical class


Yesterday, one of my friend told me. “Hi Lutfi, are u still being an assistant in your last semester”? Yes, of course. What happen guys? “Great!” What subject Lutfi? This last semester I am being assistant in study of Daskom and Hama dan Penyakit Tanaman Tahunan. “Oh, you have a high watch fly.” watch fly = jam terbang Hahaa…  ehm.. But, this semester I feel so disappointed because yo know lah yaa.. I want to be assistant in study of Dasar-dasar Proteksi Tanaman not HPT.Tahunan. hiks..hiksss. But, it is okay.. may that’s the best for me. Its mean that three period semester I have to meet the student of HPT 45 in different subject. The subjects are Biopat, IHTD, and HPT. Tahunan. Hmhmm..  yowis lah.. ikhlas

Once more. I hope that in the end of semester I have finished my research and complete my bachelor. So that I could continue my live to master studies. Aminn…  I thing enough. Today I am not mood to write more story. Hehe :p in Germany say “Ich bin mude. Ich habe keine geld” wkwkkkk… Bye guys! Thanks for reading

Yours sincerely,

Lutfi Afifah


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