A bunch of Thanks to Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, Ma Hye Ri, and College friends

A bunch of Thanks to Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, Ma Hye Ri, and College friends

Sunday, September 30 2011

Thanks for accompanying me along 2 semester and more. There was a lot of experiences that I had. Happy, sad, up, down, was like whell that always runs in its way. Thanks Katy for the nice song Peacock that always in my side all time. In my playlist you were the top one, you were became my alarm that always makes me up in the morning, you were became my ring tone in my mobile phone. Haha.. That’s a familiar song up to now. Thanks Kelly for your song “Lay it on me” you are really pretty as Katy. Thanks for Ma Hye ri you were inspired me as a brilliant woman not only in work world but also in love world. Haha its because of Sunbae Eldi and Ahjuma etax who gave me Korean film. Omo.. Omo…

Now, I become Shoeholic as Ma Hye ri.. Aigo!! Aigo!! I already bought a high heels. Expensive shoes I think. I bought that last week in Margo City. Expensive shoes that I ever bought!! Sometimes, especially for women the brand is very important. Sometime a famous brand will increase someone pride who wear those stuff. Oh really!! Its all out of my mind. Christian Siriano was the designer of my shoes. According to the shop staff he is American, but I thought that something strange because on the shoes box written that shoes imported from Vietnam as well. Spent my scholarship fund to buy something elegant stuff. Wow.. great, I hope November come a bit fast because of there was a limited money left in my debit card.

Thanks also for my College friends that became my close friends already hehe.. Hi Agassi Doli, Sunbae Agus, Agassi Nelly, Sunbae Eldi, Sunbae Faishol, Ahjuma Etax, Ahjuma Ita, Agassi Rita, Agassi Ida, Ahjuma Cindy, Agassi Retno, Agassi Resa, Agassi Tuti, and etc. I hope that all of them success in their own way. Fighting!! Hehe korean style. Thanks also for my parents especially my Mom that made me feel headache when everytime she called, She always make a question “When you will graduate??” Omo… omo.. “Asap mom!”

Dear, my beloved lecturer “Bapak, please ,. reduce the thesis draft revision..” I had headache already!!  heu… Let me take seminar on November.. please… PLEASE…  And hope, dream about future. Someday I will back to IPB . Back not as student but back as a lecturer. Lecturer in IPB who have a lot of students. Haha.. I Promise!

Khamsa hamida ^^v

Best regards,

Lutfi Afifah


6 thoughts on “A bunch of Thanks to Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland, Ma Hye Ri, and College friends

  1. aaahh,,you drop my name,,danke 😉
    Research and thesis are process dear,,not a result or destination,,keep calm,,good luck,,hope you drop your name in board of seminar schedule immediately,,can’t wait it! 😀

    • Thanks guys for your comment. I loved katy’s song so much… that song makes my heart move and groove!! lol
      Actually there is no halloween celebration in my country but anyway happy halloween guys!!
      nice to know you!

    • Not yet guys. Actually i just finished my research and now Iam doing many revision of my thesis.
      wish me luck!! I have to pass seminar and final test first before graduate from my university 🙂

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