I am a good driver! I bet

by: Lutfi Afifah, SP

I buy it forward!

“Nowadays driving a car is a must. Globalization makes people easy to move from one area to another area. Of course, it need a transportation. Car is one of alternative to move people to somewhere.”


Guys, I am alumni now! Since I got number for my graduation day (re: 662), I have decided to return to my hometown Ponorogo (re: dusun). Lol. I returned for many reasons, one of that is I want to be expert in driving. My father and mother sent me to “Natuna Driving Course” (re: Kursus Mengemudi Natuna). The location of this place course is in Sultan Agung street no 49, Ponorogo. This kind of “school” is very famous in my town. I loved this school!! Pak Adib was my instructor. He was my teacher. His hometown is in Kediri, East Java. He teached me how to drive correctly, how to park a car safely, and how to be a good and wise driver. I really love him, love as a student to his teacher. I begun this course from Tuesday 24 January – 4 February 2012. It about ten days already. One of meeting spent about 50 minutes.

So many things I got. Experiences how to drive and how to deal police. I got really funny things when I took practical test to get driving liscense. I got remedial when I took my practical test to drive motor cycle. But, I successed pass practical test to drive a car!! It was miracle, it because of “the invisible hand” who helped me pass that test. Tre result, I got my driving liscense card!! Yeay,.. Do you have also guys??

SIM A and C


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