“Pokoknya Fargo welcomes to you!! Dr. Hambeg said”

“Pokoknya Fargo welcomes to you!! Dr. Hambeg said”

By: Lutfi Afifah

Real alumni and going to work! Uyeah… a month ago I had my graduation day. I got certificate of degree and academic transcript from campus. Although I didn’t got cumlaude title but I think the result was pretty enough.

Officially being alumni 29.02.2012

Officially being alumni 29.02.2012

Well, now saya sedang dalam masa “pencarian” you know what? Job! Of course. Dalam masa ini seseorang harusnya sudah mulai menunjukkan bukan hanya kematangan individu tetapi juga mulai menunjukkan kemandirian financial. When I was students many friends and also my junior called me bu Dosen! That’s because I helped many lecturer in practical class or review session class (re: responsi) inside major and outside major. This isn’t be strange if my goal already changed. Many years ago I’ve dream if someday I’m gonna be stewardess so I can travelling around the world. Kalau sekarang my goals is gonna be changed. Lecturer, yap! Sometimes I thought that I was born isn’t for being a career woman.. I live for being a lecturer. Tapi agaknya pikiran itu mulai sirna digulung besarnya ombak. Hehe..

Last year there was a scholarship programe organize by Dikti called beasiswa unggulan. This year I failed to get contract letter. That’s why its hard enough to complete the applications. So, there are two options:

1. Looking for other scholarship or

2. Going to work of course in multinational company.

Let us see! I do this! Many peoples say “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill, never give up”. Saya sih biasa aja, In live we have to choose many options. If I could say to my self I would say “ I thought that you’re isn’t try hard enough! Live is hard and cruel so you have to be strong and try to reach your dream as good as you can”.

This week, I got post from Dr. Buyung. He lived in South Dakota. He gave the information about Assistantship in NDSU. The point is:  They are seeking to recruit two highly motivated graduate students (either MS or PhD) to study how environmental factors influence the soybean aphid and its surrounding community. Specific research directions for the projects are flexible, but will likely involve a better understanding of how variable or changing environmental conditions influence soybean aphid populations and plant-aphid interactions. PERFECTLY MATCH!! Match with my Undergraduate research. My thesis is about “The Growth of Entomopathogenic Fungus Lecanicillium lecanii on Various Media and it’s Infectivity Againts the Soybean Aphids Aphis glycines Matsumura (Hemiptera: Aphididae).”


Wohoo!! It’s a good chance! I’ve to try! Dr. Buyung said to dedy in their post comment “Hayah, pede dibawa2. Coba dulu, diterima sukur, ditolak coba lagi. Ga jaman dengerin pede. Ayo Ded, mumpung mas Hambeg ada di NDSU dan gw gawe di South Dakota State.”. Dr. Buyung said to me “ini kesempatan bagus! Deirdre sedang mencari calon student untuk level Master DAN Doktor. Saya sarankan bersegera mengirim email ke Deirdre dengan semua informasi yang ia minta di posting di atas. Semoga sukses!”. Well comment dari beliau menambah spirit saya untuk maju! Dr buyung’s friend, his name is Dr. Hambeg said to me “Semoga berhasil …….. anak saya perempuan (Adlina) juga ngambil PhD di sini program Polymer and Coating)… anak laki-laki saya ngambil Bachelor di Computer science ……. pokoknya Fargo welcomes to you ……”(both of them is IPB alumi who worked and study in Fargo, Dakota). Wow,.. Ive to try! Whatever the result! Hehe.. Kata Dr. Hambeg sih “Fargo, North Dakota adalah kota yang paling nyaman di seluruh dunia ……….. melebihi Bogor di tahun-tahun 1950-an dahulu …..” jadi mupeng. x)

“Usut punya usut, is not strange while I wrote on my thesis most of the literature came from USA like University of Minesotta, North Dakota State University, etc.. somoga Soybean aphid ini membawa masa depan untuk saya”. Amin!

Best regards,

Lutfi Afifah


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