Her Hope ♥♥♥!! :D

Her Hope! 😀

I have many hopes in my life. “Hope” that wouldn’t die till the end of my life #lebay!!. Pastinya untuk meng-create sebuah hope pasti ada chance yang telah dicoba. Nah, that was I felt. Hope that I could be a part of xxx company. Last year I worked together with that company. And I felt really enjoyed work with boot shoes, hat, backpack, field, soil, fruit, vegetables, farmers, pesticide, pesticide sprayer, fertilizer,  farmers meeting etc. I love worked with farmer. I thought if I work there I would find joy and finding my passion. But till now I haven’t called yet. I don’t know why. May be I am a person who not eligible to apply or I am a person who didn’t match with the qualification. Yeah, I know different company of course will have different steps or different standard to recruit a new people. They would be really careful to decide final choice. Actually I have applied to several companies, but the only company that wouldn’t disappear in my sight is xxx company. Truly, I didn’t lie. 😉

That was one of photo with my friends

Distribute “Tempat Pestisida”

Of course, you will directly know what company I really want to join after see that picture. Hehe… Today one of my friend attending further interview, hope there will a good result for her and hope miss. xxx will call me to get further interview.  Although it was a long time after first interview. But hope will never die!!

This year I also applied Post graduated scholarship from DIKTI called “Beasiswa Unggulan” . The aims of this scholarship is to organize a candidate to be prospective lecturer who will teach students in a specific University. I’ve a plan if I get a chance to work in xxx company I will postpone my chance to school again. Truly, I wanna work! 😀

Dear reader, Wish me luck yaa… ♥♥

With love,



2 thoughts on “Her Hope ♥♥♥!! :D

  1. Terkadang kita tidak pernah menyangka apa rencana Allah untuk kita, at last..kita sadari bahwa itulah yang terbaik untuk kita, karena Allah lebih tahu apa yang terbaik dari sekedar “hope” yang kita create sendiri.
    Seiring berjalannya waktu…adinda insyaAllah akan dapatkan itu,… banyak hope yang telah saya create sejak awal lulus, kemudian sekarang baru menyadari bahwa apa yang dicreate Allah yang terbaik, maklumlah kakanda sudah lulus 11 tahun yang lalu…waahhh ternyata sudah tua ya hiks….

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