Afifah Day!!

 Happy birthday 23th Afifah!!

Most of the top management in my office “PT. ETOS INDONUSA stand for Ethology System” called my last name Afifah. Alhamdulillah, Thanks God You let me life in your world till now. I can breath easily, I’m health, I’m “rich”, I’m smart, and I’m so grateful having a nice family ever. You and them are the most lovable in my life. There isn’t anything else.  Last year I celebrated birthday party with friends. Now I’m celebrating bday with my friend Tuti in Plaza Semanggi, South Jakarta. Now I’m in Jakarta. I moved to Jakarta because God give me a chance to work after  graduation last February. I love this work. Although now I’m confused betwEen BU DIKTI Master Scholarship and my responsibility to the company where Im working now. I won’t make other disappointed because of me. I just want to give my best contribution to all of the people who I meet in this world. I wont be egoism women. In addition I just wanna make a good image as IPB Alumni. Thanks Allah SWT I know that your planning is better than humans plans.

Birthday. Actually almost 4 years in university I’m not usual with birthday cake. The meaning of birthday is increasing the old, more mature, more closed with the creator of life. That’s why it is not strange there isn’t bday cake in my 23th. The differencies is friends. In Jakarta I haven’t friends . There is my collagues in Tebet, South Jakarta. Her name is Tuti Purwaningsih, S. Stat. She was never change since as student. Now she working in outstanding company called “The Nielsen Company”.  If I get bored with my daily life in Daan Mogot, West Jakarta I went to her  kost-kostan in week end . Modest, Nice woman, and Never forgetting friends are Tuti’s behaviour. She is also got BU DIKTI Master Scholarship.  Its different with some of my close friends in collagues. Some of them already “forgot” me due to other new friends, new boy friends, or new girl friends. I try to stay closed with them. I invited them into meeting, invited dinner together, sent some text, and come to their kost-kostan. But there isn’t any progress. They come to me two step forwads then ten step backwards. I know they still love me as friends but may be at this time they have other bussines so they cant “close” with me as well as undergraduated student. I love them.

Anyway, happy birthday Afifah. Hope you will get your success in life and in the next life, “rich”, rich, great post graduate education, and easily found “the missing ribs”. Oh yaa, kindly accepted  bday gift. Now I need suggestion from all of the reader who read this posting. I’m already confused to choose my Master Scholarship or continuing work?? Kindly accept all of the suggestion.. please… Thanks


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