August 18, 2012

Moggy, Mascot of ETOS A place where I work

I moved to Jakarta since July 2012 because of work. I already accepted as an Advisor in Quality Assurance Division (QA) in one of outstanding Pest Management Company in Jakarta ETOS (Ethology System) . If I could describe this company, truly its very prospectable. This company also expanse their area into international coverage. Nowadays this company had many branches in some country like Shanghai, Lebanon, Jordan, Qatar, and Kuwait. In Indonesia, this company had many branches in several city like Jakarta, Banten, Bekasi, Bogor, Bandung, Lampung, and Surabaya. Actually, I am happy work here. My major task is give a client something like customer education about pest especially about urban pest like mouse, ant, termite, mosquito, bed bug, coarck, flies, and others. There are a thousand client in my company where I work. They are like The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta, Rich Carlton Hotel, Sarinah, Plaza Indonesia, Mayora Group, Bakmi GM, 21 Cinema in Jabodetabek, Indofood Group, etc.  Another task is to identification the pest, handle client compalaint, handle Technical Controller (TC), and monitoring all supervisors in Jakarta. I think its very interesting job since that’s related with my background as protectionist, although I didn’t protect plant anymore but I protect building and foods from pests. Recently QA division give training to The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta. The topic we already discussed is Bed Bug. Park lane hotel had assigned bed bug contract with our company.

The problems is I already accepted as an awardee of Beasiswa BU DIKTI 2012 (8 August 2012). Two days after my birthday (gak ada hubungan) hehe. You know what? Many things Ive to think:

  1. There is a duty  as a lecturer and might could be place in one of university in Indonesia?? Sabang to Merauke??? Yes! May be!
  2. Concerns about the future benefits. Cz this is unwritten in contract.
  3. Hard to leave current job cz its so challenging!
  4. Hard to leave QA and peoples at office. They are really nice peoples. I wont lost them just because Im resign *temporary may be.
  5. Already fallin love with Jakarta and bored with Bogor life

Basically, last decision is on my own hand. Already accepted all suggestion from family and friends. Look at time, keep moving, verification is on my eyes in fact I haven’t any permit to resign! I WONT resign without any legal permit. Temporary conclusion Iam happy with this job,. really happy!! 😀

Happy Eid Mubarak 1433 H ya.. Mohon maaf lahir batin. Selamat berkumpul bersama keluarga. Jangan seperti saya, kesepian lebaran sendiri, gak makan nastar, gak makan opor, dan ga bisa silaturahmi bareng keluarga. Itu rasanya subhanallah banget. Tapi Alhamdulillah,. Sudah biasa sendiri jadi ya ga kenapa-knapa. Saya sih masih punya keluarga di bogor itu tetangga waktu dulu ngontrak rumah pasca TPB. Hehe Bsk sih udah janji mau silaturahmi ke sana. Alhamdulillah, semoga bsk dikasih nastar. Amin..

Cheerssss!! 🙂


2 thoughts on “MASTER VERSUS WORK

  1. Turut sedih liat saudara sndiri tdk bs makan nastar dan opor di hari kemenangan umat islam. Seharusnya sy hrs bs lebih bersyukur bs makan nastar dan opor di hari kemenangan. Tp syang, sy tdk suka nastar dan tdk ada masakan opor. 😀
    Saya hrp tujuan dr tulisan ini lebih dr sekedar setoples nastar dan semangkuk opor.


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