Review from The Past: Where your foot going to?

Review from The Past: Where your foot going to?

February 19, 2015

DSC_0275Hello, it been a year since my last posting about in the past six month posting. How are you guys? Hope you fine and happy. So do I felt the same things. So many things happen, wheather sad and happy. All the things that already happen is a present from God. Present to keep learnt from anythings we got. I passed all the hard time since I study till now. I think it’s a common matter being master students faced so many problems come. Congratulation, You passed! It mean God will not give you the hard matter if you can’t solve that matters. Congratulation from all of your courageous, right decision, and spirit. All of you that already passed all the matters is a WINNER and not a LOSER.

Since I had a good memory (in detail) to memorize all the things that already happen, now I will take a bit flash back from in the past a year. This is like a short review from the past.

On January 2014, that was the end of the third semester. I was so busy with the final exam (UAS) so do all of my friends. They busy to finished their final presentation, exam, and also papers. In that months also I finished all the things belong to insects sorting. Glad to had the best juniors from PTN 47’ that helped out the sortation.

On February 2014, I went home. Going home to see my family. In that month my lovely grandmother (mother of my father) was passed away. My father asked me to go home before it. It was so sad, but live must go on. I also got sick in this month. In that month also the Gunung Kelud was exploded. Eruption! All of the town also in my town covered with ash.

On March 2014, In the beginning of the month, I get ready completing all the database. Actually I was so confuse, really confuse with the data. I don’t know how to make it simple. Easy to read, easy to understand. The ecology data could be read from many point of view. Grateful that some of friends and juniors help out the database. Some senior from Lab PH helped out to understand the data. Trial and error.

On April 2014, This month quite hard since I have to understand some matters and also completing the R statistic. On April 9 th, I helped out Ida in the green house planting the paddy plant and also after that I went to somewhere (I don’t remember the name of the place) to follow the Election of West Java Governmental. I was so happy can participate eventhough not really know them. In that day, I also attacked by yellow caterpillar (ulat bulu). Yaks… The caterpillar walk fast, not like other caterpillar.

On May 2014, That month I busy with studying R Statistic package vegan. Lucky me, I have many senior that so patience to helped me. In this month I just realize that my Laboratory is my home. I started spent my whole time just in Laboratory. Eventhought it weeked, I don’t care (hehe). Till I realize that I lost some weight because of it (haha)

On June 2014, That month I busy with studying R Statistic package bipartite. Now I can make the trithropic interaction (interaction between level thropic) from the database. I felt so improve! In this months I can exploring the data. The lecturers from Lab PH Dr. Akhmad Rizali thought me how to make it. He also thought me how to make the dissimilarities based on UPGMA, I made the dendogram. Happy!

On July 2014, I just writing out the thesis. Yap almost finished. It was the blessing months. Ramadhan. I went home about 4 days before Idul Fitri. I went to Jogjakarta before going home. Happy Idul fitri.

On August 2014, In that months I offered by universities in the East Java. In the middle of months, I went back to Bogor and preparing the Sidkom 2.

On September 2014, Sidkom 2 actually was held in 16 September 2014, but unfortunately my supervisor Prof Dami totally forgot about the meeting. Oh my God. Its reschedule to 17 September. Ok doesn’t matter. The matter is, I have to rearrange the thesis into a simple way. My first thesis is about 98 page with most of that is statistic (planet language). It was hard to understand the thesis. So, I made the new one. New thesis. Start from the beginning. In that months also I was so happy that I can join Summer Course IPB-Ibaraki. New friends, new chances, new experiences. I was so happy. Since the lucky one get a chances to go to Japan.

On October 2014, In this month I busy to make the summer course reports. Since from the evaluation of oral presentation, poster, teamwork, and also reports some of the students get a chances to go to Japan (Ibaraki and Okinawa). From the beginning, Mr Faiz said that may be only two person can go to Okinawa and everyday I ask to God, whether its my destiny or not. At least I did my best. On 22 October about 5.14 pm, all of the summer course participant went to the Rectorat. Mr Faiz and committee already had a decision who will granted the chances to go to Japan. It based on rank. Oh my God, my heart was going to explode (deg-degan). He said “Oke ranking 1 laporannya bagus, tim juga bagus,. Siapa? Belladini.. Selamat.., ranking 2 dari PTN siapa? Putze.. , ranking….. berikutya.. ranking demi ranking terlewati tanpa ada nama saya) last but no least , ranking selanjutnya dari PTN (huaaa pilihannya cuma hanya ada 1 dari PTN yang belum dipanggil) huaaa so happy… Lutfii” Alhamdulillah, I granted to get the funding from the Ryukyus University, Okinawa, Japan. The meeting finished around 19.00 pm and then I went to Kosan around 19.30 pm with my friend. Finally, Dream in 2012 got reached. It’s the miracle of dream, efforts, hope, and pray.

The Winter Course Funding Awardee

The Winter Course Funding Awardee

On November 2014, I was so busy with the Pasambahan dancing. Since I never dancing for performance. I felt so bad on dancing. So that I practicing hard with my best team Tiara and Ami. Every evening we were practicing the dance in GWW. Among us, was so bad on dancing (hehe) but we can, we try. In that month we also busy to meeting with the Winter Course Committee and also busy applied visa. In this month also I miss all the things belong to Thesis. I forgot already (hehe). In this month also I look for the Yen, quite hard to find out. I found that in money changer Sari Valas, in Jakarta.

On December 2014, It’s the time We went to Okinawa, Japan to follow Winter Course Program. Learnt languanges, culture, new knowledge, also new friends. I prepared some Yen to buy some of the souvenirs for many friends around me. I was happy to give you a little present. Eventhough its not so expensive but I prepared all with my hearts hehe. Just keep that… This month also rushing preparing the Seminar.

On January 2015, It was my best moment. I confuse, study, feeling so hard, and confuse like there is a ghost that chase me. I ran. It was my deadline in this study. The deadline was 6th February 2015. If someone not going to take thesis defences so they have to pay the tuition fees for 6th semester. Ok, infact I don’t have the money anymore for tuition fees so only one choice. Run! Do! 15th January I take the Seminar and also Sidkom 3. In a day I passed two important steps. In this months also I got some of the attackfullness information from my friends. It was on Wednesday, 28th January. I felt so sad, but life must go on. 🙂

On February 2015, It was so busy with thesis defences preparation. Alhamdulillah. In 3th February that was my thesis defences day. I already study about all the matters related with the research. The result is going smooth. Thank you my supervisor Dr. Purnama Hidayat and Prof. Damayanti Buchori and also Dr. Hermanu Triwidodo and Dr. Pudjianto. That was my best moment in the beginning of 2015.

Afifah Best Moment

Afifah Best Moment

That was all of short resume, flash back. I didn’t make that in detail. Just the headline of the story that represent in the past 2014. The learning I could take was do not underestimate (someone or something), keep polite to everyone, keep doing your best, keep praying, keep hoping, and also do not overestimate (someone or something), if youre going to overestimate so you put hope in high. Its not good. Do not expect anything from someone or something yo do. Do with your heart, and don’t be lie wheather to your self or to other people.

Now its our time to make decision where we are going to? Ask to your self, what do you want, what your dream, what you are going to be, and what your parents hope. Keep on your right track, just believe in your self. Your future is on your own hand. Don’t give up! Good luck, See you in the future…



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