Cunning Lady

Cunning Lady

            In this week I saw Korean drama while doing some activities. It was interesting drama.. hehe. There is a life lesson there. Here is the resume.. hehe 😀

“ Someday there is a girl meet a man in the small restaurant. That girl was so interesting person due to her attitude and attractive that make other people happy to see her. She is pretty and she work in her family restaurant. Than a man was so kind and also smart, but yet couldn’t find a good job for him. Then after several time they meet each other, they decided to get marry. In their marriage life the girl was so loved to her husband. They love each other. Because of the economically problems due to the husband exit for the job and start a job to be a businessman, the wife got so much difficulties to manage the monthly expenses. Eventhough for buying the gas for kitchen. So that the wife should be work out over her husband. She work so hard for securing the baby of them and also for paying the debts caused by the husband ruined his business. Then sadly, the baby was gone and they divorced! After 3 years apart, they meet again. The ex-wife just work in ordinary shop but the ex-husband work out as CEO of the big mobile company. Now, he became so rich and also more handsome than before. During 3 years apart, they didn’t meet anyone in their life. They just being single. Eventhough they met so many people in their life but yet none of them ‘klik’. Then the ex-wife work in his company and they falling love again. Not because of the money but the universe let them to met and marry again “.

I think this is the good story. Not because of the divorce in the marriage but the life lesson that The world will not go that easily! “. Do not ask for easy life but ask for the strengthness to endure it. Pelajaran buat diri sendiri sih..  No worry, kamu bisa kok! Ayo semangattt!! (pake toa) ;p  Good luck for preparing your good future! God is always beside us! Mari bekerja keras, bekerja cerdas, bekerja sabar 😉


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