Calm Ramadhan (1432 – 1436 H)

Hello Ramadhan!

Break Fasting Ramadhan Kareem 1436 H

Break Fasting Ramadhan Kareem 1436 H

On a fine day, it was Ramadan month. A month that moslem have to do fasting for a month. Ramadhan 2011 I spent my whole month in Bogor because of the undergraduate research. It was about the enthomopathogenic fungi Lecanicillium lecanii. I went home about a week before Eid Mubarak and sadly I have to back to Bogor in the 3 rd day of Eid Mubarak. My fungi in lab need to be treated in the beginning of Eid Mubarak. Hiks…

I still remember in Ramadhan 2012 when I was in Jakarta. In a full Ramadhan I spent my time in Jakarta because at that time I still work. Then in Eid Mubarak 2012, it was the hardest time since I can’t go home. I didn’t get permit to take furlough. Then I spent my Eid Mubarak Idul Fitri alone in Bogor, in a fine house located in Babakan Tengah, Dramaga.

Different year different stories. Ramadhan 2013, I spent the whole time in Ngale, Ngawi, East Java. Eventhough my home quiet near from Ngawi but I can’t go home. It was because of the field observation. Enduring the hard time and the bored time there. Three month apart in small village with limited acseess. But all of that have been passed. Im blessed.

Ramadhan 2014, I still remember how’s the feel. Flustered! Really remember but its okay. In that month Im busy with the data of thesis research. I still study how to use the program. But the point isn’t the data but the feels. Flustered! Only if the small mosque in front of my kost can speak so they can talk clearly what happened in that month. Don’t worry it just flustered feel and just positive thinking all gonna be alright. As long as we do good and pray. No need to worry.

Time flies really fast, now Im in Ramadhan 2015. In this Ramadhan im not student anymore and just being alumni. I passed all of the master degree requirement. I had a temporary job helping my supervisor doing so many things that he can’t handle. I had my own income because of that. I felt save. Actually I already submit on many universities in East Java and Central Java, but don’t know yet the final result. Actually some of the universities call on me for the interview test but I don’t think its for my chances. The administrativ make that hard. Now there is on going process in one of the public university in West Java. Don’t know yet, its my chance or not. But at least I already tried. The work world isn’t comfort enough. I ever feel the same feeling when I look for a job after completing my bachelor. New place, new people, new job wont ever comfort enough to stay. But there is a New Hope.



This Ramadhan also feels so colorful since I felt that in Ramadhan all of the activity (teratur). From getting up, eat sahur, break fasting, tarawih, and so on. Everything goes in the right time. In this month I also got so many break fasting invitation. I am happy to see all of them. Seeing each other it mean togetherness. I am happy be apart of them.

Break fasting games

Break fasting games “Surat Sahabat”

Summer Friends

Summer Friends

Ok, that was my 5 years experiences in Ramadhan Kareem. Each year each story. Feel blessed if I can make better person day by day. Improving the relationship with God. Because only hang the hope to God I can feel comfort. Cant wait to see the family in hometown who made me laugh everytime I talked to them, especially my father. Thanks for bringing the joy and laugh for me… Mother that always ask to me the go home time and the sister that ask me to go home early because she want me to treat her with some yummy food like rica-rica menthok and nasi goreng gila deket alun-alun.

Hope we will meet in the next Ramadhan Kareem. Lets be a better person day by day ^^



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