Nuffic Neso: Netherland Fellowship Program (NFP) in Wageningen University, Netherland, Europe

Nuffic Neso: Netherland Fellowship Program (NFP) in Wageningen University, Netherland, Europe #StudyInHoland

Lutfi Afifah

Ede Wageningen Netherland, June 2016

Hai I’m Lutfi Afifah, I am alumni of Bogor Agricultural University majoring in Entomology Department. Departure to the Netherland Europe it’s a miracle for me. I never imagine it become true. 😀 I got the Netherland Fellowship Program “NFP” on behalf Nuffic Neso during my transition time (gap time before getting work). I applied this fellowship on October 2015 when I was working in laboratory helping my best supervisor of life “Dr. Purnama Hidayat M.Sc” and last January 7th 2016 was the time announcement of this fellowship. I got this fellowship from the recommendation of my former supervisor Dr. Purnama Hidayat M.Sc. Now I am having travel from Soetta (Jakarta) to Istanbul (Turkey) and Istanbul (Turkey) to Schipol (Amsterdam).

Fortunately the Dean of Agriculture Faculty in Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang Unsika”, Dr. Sulistyo Sidik Purnomo, M.Si, head Department of Agrotechnology gave me permission to take this opportunity.  Also I got the Exit Permit dari Rector of Unsika. Recently Unsika have been changed from Private University into Public University. Unsika have being a Private University about 33 years and then being a Public University recently (about 2 years). Leaving my students for a temporary time. I am glad that in this time, in Unsika already finished the semester and I just finished my duty for lecturing.

Have a great time here since my family allow me to travel to Europe. They fully support me in whatever I do! As long as it good, they will support and they pray for me and for my lil for the future life.  Miles away from home, parents, little sissy Zulfa, and all of my working partner it gonna be so challenging!

“Sebenarnya tulisan ini hanya melengkapi informasi-informasi yang officially bisa kita dapatkan dari situs dan Harapan saya tulisan ini bisa menjadi booster bagi teman-teman yang ingin merasakan sensasi study adventurer khusunya di Belanda”

One fine day in the beginning of October 2015, my classmates Mahardika Puspitasari sent me a private message “Pi pi… Ga mau ikutan course ke Belanda?” and of course “Mau mbak” I was replied. Then she gave me the information about the fellowship NFP. The fellowship deadline is a different in each course. So please be aware! Read the Course Calendar carefully! In this course the deadline is 20 October 2015 and the Fellowship announcement is about 22 December 2015. But the announcement was coming a bit late, it coming up on January 2016.

The NFP fellowship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the budget for development cooperation. The fellowship is meant as a compensation of the costs involved in participating in a short course organised by the Centre for Development Innovation (CDI), Wageningen UR. Please be aware that the NFP fellowship is not a full coverage of all costs involved. The fellowship is composed of the following:

  1. Tuition fee for the short course which is € 3,990
  2. Full board and lodging at hotel ‘het Hof van Wageningen’ (arranged by CDI)
  3. International travel (arranged by CDI) i.e. only international air flight

Indonesian will be fly with The best Aircraft

  1. Airport tax duties (if applicable)
  2. AON health insurance (arranged by CDI)
  3. Study allowance: € 30,-
  4. Compensation in costs involved in obtaining a VISA: € 30,-

The compensation for Study allowance and VISA (2 x € 30,-) will not be paid in cash, but will be used as a deposit for a tablet which serves a learning tool during the course. After the course has ended, the participant can choose to keep the tablet, or return it (in good condition) and receive the € 60,- deposit.

The following costs are not covered by the fellowship:

  1. Local travel in home country and in the Netherlands; Amsterdam Airport to Wageningen (2x €18,- for public transport)
  2. Any personal expenses

Entering the the Netherlands require a visa, preferably a “Schengen” visa. Actually this visa can allow to enter in many country of Europe. That country include (Austria, Belgium, Czech republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Liechtenstein).

Here I give you a brief step to enroll the course and the fellowship. Here is the step:

  1. Prepare your Toefl Score

At least you have good enough score in ITP or IELTS.

  1. Make an CDI account in Wageningen University website

After filling out the form you will get a confirmation via email and you will get an url to cofirm the CDI account

  1. Read the course calendar and decide the course that you will take

Example I decided to take a course in May 2016. The course is: Integrated Pest Management and Food Safety

  1. Open the course target website (Integrated Pest Management and Food Safety)

You need to make an account in that course. Click “Apply here” to filling out the course form. Then you will get an confirmation email.

  1. Get a letter of admission to the course via email

In this admission letter you will get the further procedure to apply the NFP fellowship and also get a reference number. Please write out your reference number to the online NFP via ATLAS website.

  1. Prepare the document needed in ATLAS online application form
  • Employers statement

In this letter you have to be member of organization which in governmental organization or non governmental organization. Please be aware that you are the employers. Your employment statement should be on official letterhead, dated, be signed by employer, be stamped, have the plan to implement the newly acquired knowledge by the candidate, data about the candidate who is nominated, relevance of the short course (for candidate and for employing organisation, and plan of activities.

  • Government statement

Indonesian citizen doesn’t need this letter. So don’t worry.

  • Copy of passport
  • The motivation questions, which you can prepare in advance:

What is the issue or problem you want to address in your country?

How will this course enable you to address this issue?

How will you address this issue with your position within your organisation?

You may not get the confirmation mail after sending the ATLAS application form.

  1. Wait the NFP fellowship announcement

The announcement will be sent to the selected participant by email

  1. Prepare your departure
    1. Active passport
    2. Apply visa schegen
    3. Contact PPI (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia) Wageningen
    4. Prepare sufficient euro
    5. Prepare your Outfit based on the wheather
    6. Pack your stuff and go!

That is my short explanation about what I’m doing to get the fellowship. Open up your mind, catch up your dream, spirit should be up, life positively, and keep hoping, keep praying! See you in next posting.

Oyaa.. here I will meet my old friend. She is Titis Apdini from Ponorogo. She is a student of Wageningen University majoring in Animal Husbandary. Can’t wait to see her! J


Salam kangen dari Ede Wageningen,

Lutfi Afifah

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