My Other Half

My Other Half

Dedicated: to my husband

Hello, its been five months from my wedding. Back to the time when someone text me on my mobile phone. Flying back to April 2016. He texted me and say that he want to know me more. Hehee.. It’s a memorable time since I never get an introduction like that. He supposed to find a wife. His name is Gita Syahputra. Now he is my bed partner. My friend, my husband, my other half, and father to be for my baby.

Everyday he sent me a nice greeting and I always tell my dad about our relationship. Actually he is not my boyfriends but my close friend. I don’t know what happen at the past. I leave everything to God. At the end of May 2016, I got the chances to follow the course in Wageningen, the Netherland, Europe. My father and Putra drove me to the Soekarno Hatta Airport. At that time also Ramadhan monts, I spend my ramadhan time in Netherland.


My greeting from Amsterdam for my special one

At the end of June 2016, I flying back to Indonesia. Several day from my arrival, he offer me to see his parents in Bekasi. I am happy with his offer. I met his family. At the end of July 2016 he fulfilled my father’s invitation to visit Ponorogo. Mas also have the same desire to meet my parents in my hometown, Ponorogo. I escort him to see my parents. He said to my father that he wanted to make me his wife. Alhamdulillah… My family grant her willingness to take me as his wife. Then time goes fast… we enganged on October 2016.


            Then my family and his family meet in this great event “Engagement”. They decided to take the akad nikah and wedding on February 2017, its 4 months after engagement. As long the time, we enjoy our time. He work as usual so do me. We are couple that has limitation to meet. We busy with our own activities, sometimes he came to Karawang to see me and also to prepare all of the things before the wedding. Then we went to Ponorogo again on December 2016. This one of my favourite prewedding. Our official photo also my second photoshot with him.

_MG_0888 copy

Our official photo “Foto ibu dan bapak negara”

The time goes fast, on February 2017 we are officially married. We are happy husband and wife. All of our family come together and took part on our akad nikah and wedding party. Alhamdulillah. Then we got the golden ticket honeymoon to Bali. Alhamdulillah. We spent our love time there. Hihiii

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Alhamdulillah that Allah give us chance to get the baby not Olong after our marriage. My first test pack is on April 2017, and its clear two strips. Alhamdulillah. Now my pregancy is four months. I hope all the things goes fine and healthy. Amin yra.


Hello baby, love you

Love you dear,

Your Lovely Wife