Gift in the Late of 2015 and Beginning of 2016: Getting Work and Fellowship Approve! #StudyInHolland

Gift in the Late of 2015 and Beginning of 2016: Getting Work and Fellowship Approve! #StudyInHolland

Karawang, 26 January 2016


Rectorat of Unsika ‘Gedung H. Opon Sopandji’



Hello February, it been a new year! New hope, new spirit. How are you guys? Hope everyting will be okay.

Talking about 2016, it really the greatest year ever. I’ve been accepted in Public University in Karawang namely “Universitas Singaperbangsa Karawang”. Sometime called “Unsika”. This university actually was build in 1982 and being a Private University along 33 years. Now Unsika have been changed from Private university into Public University in 2014. Do not compare this university with other upstanding university like IPB and UGM. Now Unsika have been search for “its own identity”. Nowadays Unsika has the new procedure to enter the University, that is through SNMPTN. It’s quite hard since they should fight with the test to pass the exam. Since only  approx. 120 students could enter the Department of Agrotechnology. It will be so challenging for us to handle them.

I’m entered Unsika about 4.5 months ago, since October 2015. Together with new comers: 2 people titled M.Sc, 3 people titled M.Si, and 1 person titled M.P. The 6 newcomers isn’t merried yet, but 2 peoples getting married soon (on April). Here I felt so happy, everything was new. Everything so challenging.

This semester I taught 3 subjects:

  1. Dasar Penyuluhan dan Komunikasi [MBB 2303]
  2. Dasar Teknologi Budidaya Tanaman Pangan [MKB 4301]
  3. Organisme Pengganggu Tanaman (Penyakit) [MKB 4310]

The first one is my subject dream. Although it little bit hard for me to study “Ilmu Penyuluhan”. I never been taking those subject while the bachelor. I only took Communication. But nothing impossible. I’ll study more about that subject.

Then the upcoming semester (Odd Semester) I will teach in the following subjects:

  1. Organisme Pengganggu Tanaman (Hama) [MKB 3309]
  2. Pengelolaan Hama Terpadu [MPB 7301]
  3. Pengantar Ilmu Pertanian [MKK 1209]

Recently Faculty of Agriculture Unsika have been signed MOU with the KABUSHIKI KAISHA SHIMOTA NOUGEI Co., Ltd in Ibaraki Japan. This MOU contain the cooperation for exchange the students. Hope so do with the staff mobility. So I can go to Japan again. Amin.


MOU Signing betwen Faperta Unsika and Kabushiki Kaisha Shimota Nougei Co.,Ltd, Ibaraki, JAPAN

The second one in January. I was being an awardee for the fellowship/scholarship in Wageningen University, Netherland, Europe. I got the fellowship from NFP, financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It was unbelievable!. Insyaallah I will come to Europe next spring May 2016. Hope everything will be alright. Now I’m preparing the “Schengen Visa ”. It’s a Visa to enter Europe. Wish me luck. Hope I will get the permission letter from Agrotechnology Department and also from Rector of Unsika.

See you in Netherland!