Have you ever went to the hospital to see your relatives that hospitalize? How do you feel? Thousand of feeling. I still remember a day in 2012 when I was in Daan Mogot, Jakarta. I have a senior that her father hospitalize in a Cancer Hospital in West Jakarta near Taman Anggrek Mall. In the evening around 3 pm I went to the hospital. I was alone from my kos-kosan in Daan Mogot. Thousand of feeling at that time. I felt so deep sad with her story about her father. At that time she was single (not marriage yet) and her father told to her that he want to see her beloved daughter for getting marriage. At that time she still finish her master thesis and unfinished yet. She told me that her mother working so hard for her. In fact she has two brother and sister. For several years her mother caring them so good.

Back to the story, I was riding the Trans Jakarta bus and stop right in front of the hospital. I still remember how is the condition in that hospital. I passed the room for the children who get a cancer. I felt so sad. Then I enter one of the room to meet her family. One thing that I could see there, her father. Her father laying on a bed. There are so many modern tools that installeId on his body. He cant speak anymore. I was dropping some of the tears. I just imagine if that is my father. Father that in his life just caring about his family and his society. I felt so bad. And then I see her mother, who caring so patiently. I felt her mother so tough with her life. She should work hard for their life also for health expanses.

A women that have the strengness for her family. A wife that very love with her husband till the end of his life. Today 22 june, there is our lab member that hospitalize and I was there for her. She was sick and her husband and her daughter was around her to give support. I hope she will get well soon.

So many lesson I got from seeing them. Being women have to be independent. For example if we are getting marriage and then we have husband and children, then someday we don’t know what is going on in the future. May be our beloved husband is getting sick and need to be hospitalize. In fact when he is sick he couldn’t work and ……. (you can imagine what I think). I hope it never happen to me in the future. Just being positive that He is creating good future for us. So from now let be friendly in our healthiness. Just care with your own body. Care what you eat. Care with your self, your family, your wife to be or husband to be, or others. Please eat well, please live well. 🙂

Oh yaa,.. Selamat menunaikan Ibadah Puasa 1436 H 🙂

Puasa, tarawih, ngaji, dan ibadah lainnya semoga full yaa.. 😉