Today is the day of ATBC & SCB (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation & Society for Biology Conservation) Joint Meeting: Arusha, Tanzania

Today is the day of ATBC & SCB (Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation & Society for Biology Conservation) Joint Meeting: Arusha, Tanzania

 Lutfi Afifah, June, 10 2011

“I don’t know what’s the feeling. I don’t know exactly how my heart is running, I don’t know how huge God give me a challenge, I don’t know hows the way God give me strenght to rise up,. Rise up every time when I was getting down. I don’t know why God give me a thousand tears when I got a problems. But the only I knows that God loves me T.T”

June, 12 2011


Actually I’m confuse how could I start the story. The story about ATBC & SCB Arusha Meeting 2011. Too many sweat and too many energy that already gone away to make our dreams come true. Our? Yes, I say yes,. Because I’m not alone. Me and my friend Nelly Nailufar already made those dream become true.

About two month ago. We got “E-mail Rabuan” from Goodwill Mailing list (Goodwillers weekly e-mail). At these email said that there will be a meeting in Arusha Tanzania, East Africa. This annual meeting sponsored by University of Dar Es Salam, Tanzania Commision for Science and Technology, and Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute. And then we made a registration and sent our Abstract. That title is “Biogeography of The Krakatoa Archipelago (Indonesia): Butterfly Diversity On the Krakatoa Archipelago and Mainland Sites of Java”


Lucky to us,. We got a chance to attend those meeting.


 Actually I was happy at that time on the other side I was confuse how could I go there. And then we decided to follow Scholarship fund from “Kuswata Kartawinata Tropical Biology And Conservation Award” We sent email to the chairman of that Kuswata Kartawinata Tropical Biology And Conservation Award


Oh GOD!! We were confuse again because we got that award it means that we got a travel grant to attend the meeting. We got almost 2000$. Hahaaa… As we calculated that a person need 2500$ to support the fund. So, minimally we need 5000$ to booked a flight, booked a hotel, pay the registration fees, pay the Free Yellow Fever certificate, and to make a Visa… and bla..bla..bla…

Hahaaa.. Hi Nelly!! Do you still remember that we ever go to the Immigration Office?? When we made a PASSPORT?? Hahaa… I ever told to you,. “Nel,. Now we already have a passport and the expired date of this passport is still five years, We have to go abroad..” wkwkkk.. 😀  and you said “Right lut,. Yang penting mah punya dulu..  wkwkkkkk”

Now,. Is the day of the day.. Berangkatlah Nell!! I will be with you. Lucky to you because Pak. Suyadi will accompanying you for a week. Don’t forget to bring me your sweet photo with “Somalian pirates” lol. Dear Pak Suyadi tolong jaga sobat saya ya pak.. hehee…

Your beloved friend,

Lutfi Afifah