Proud to be “Wong Ponorogo”


Lutfi Afifah, May 9, 2011

“Genus 2009" –Keluarga besar OMDA Ponorogo di IPB-

“A great society is a society who respect to its culture and keep the tradition anywhere and anytime”

There are thousand culture in Indonesia. Nowadays, there are thousand languages in our country. All of these aspect perfect mixs in IPB. There was thousand student not only from Sabang to Merauke but also International student from other country. Diversity of knowledge, different ways of thinking, diversity of culture, languanges, attitude, etc. mix well here. And now, all of student is in here “Bogor Agricultural University”.

I don’t have parent here, because my parent is in my hometown. I don’t have brother and sister here, because my brother and sister is in my hometown also. But I have a great family here. “Manggolo putro” is an Association Students of Ponorogo who study in IPB. All of students who their hometown is Ponorogo have to join here. We took a weekly meeting, sharing, and made a cultural performance.

“Buko Poso Bareng bulan Romadhon 2010”

We are one of famous Association student in IPB. Due to Reyog as one of  Ponorogo icon. Actually there are thousand Association student (read: OMDA=Organisasi Mahasiswa Daerah) in IPB  like Himpunan mahasiswa Pekalongan (HIMAPEKA), Himpunan mahasiswa Riau (IKPMR), Himpunan mahasiswa Padang (IPMM), Himpunan mahasiswa Indramayu, Himpunan mahasiswa Madiun, Ngawi, Magetan, Himpunan mahasiswa Bali (HIMABA) etc (read: Saking banyaknya gw ga tahu apa nama singkatannya heheee..).

Every year, in IPB always held Cultural night call “Gebyar Nusantara” (read: Genus). This annual event sponsored by BEM-KM IPB. Every year my OMDA always perform Reyog. I’m so proud because my sisters and brothers could dance reyog! Except me, I couldn’t dance reyog. Hehee.. Amazing perform!! Unbelieveble!! Even, my ipb’s young brother could hold up the Reyog!! Wow..  Reyog is very heavy, right?? As we know that Reyog is very heavy for an ordinary man. But, he could bite the reyog with his strong tooth. Amazing!! We could perform Reyog completely in front of 3000 IPB’s student and in front of Rector Dr. Ir. Herry Suhardiyanto, MSc and his staff. Almost an hour the perform was made the visitor mesmerized. Moreover, when Genus 2009 held, there was hot issue that reyog claimed as Malaysian culture. So that made IPB curiously to know about this dance.

Actually, in this event I took a special part. Yeah!! Professional make up dancer was my task. Due to my capability on make up. Hehee.. #AyeeEEe!! Look at the dancer face. They are so beautiful right?? Hehheheee… Every evening we took dance exercise to compact the team. It’s not easy, it need patiently and work well each individual.

“An hour before took a perform” They are so beautiful, right?

“Back stage with professional make up dancer ^^v”

Finally we got it!! The result we succeed to show Reyog Ponorogo in Graha Widya Wisuda (GWW). Over 3000 students of IPB saw this show. Not only that, but also Rector IPB gave awards to our Association students of Ponorogo and we got achievement as “The Best Traditional Dance”. We are proud and satisfied because that show could promote our culture and save the culture. So, that’s why, I’m so proud to be Wong Ponorogo.

“The Great Family of Manggolo Putro ”

“All of the Dancer are IPB’s student”

Manggolo Putro!!

Salam Hake.. hake Hokya,. Hokya!!! *jargon OMDA

Warmest regards,

Wong Ponorogo