In the past six months

In the past six months

Well open up your mind and see like me open up your plans and damn you’re free. Look into your heart and you’ll find love love love love….. listening music in my rooms 😉

Tadaaaaa…!!! I back after several month,. Happ! Hap! It was busy month after I left my job in Jakarta. Well what topic yaa? Life or love Lol 😡 . Both Personal life and Academic actually isn’t public consumption. It just for relatives consumption and some of my close friends consumption and may be some of my junior and senior in IPB. Wauu.. its called public consumption lutfi!! Hihi… How come, yesterday I got xx in one of my subject I took and you know what I told everybody I met. I felt so upset and unhappy about that but I still laugh and express my dissapointment with everybody. I dropped in lab of nematology and I talked a lot, and then I talked to my bachelor friends in lab. Taksonomy and it caused all of my bachelor friends who come to the small gathering last 23 January, 2013 already know about this. I talked a lot with rita ida, tatit and then I talked a lot with my friends in boarding house, and bla bla bla. In conclution, Lutfi talked a lot and It is public consumption already. Lol.

I fully realized that I talked a lot. Everyday I got something new or anythings happen in my life I shared with my friends that I belived to keep that. That’s why, some of my friends called me nene’. A bit fussy maybe.

Welcome to Gunung Halimun

Welcome to Gunung Halimun

Fieldtrip Gunung Halimun 22 September 2012

Ento Fieldtrip @ Gunung Halimun 22 September 2012

Ento Fieldtrip Cijeruk 19 November 2012

Ento Fieldtrip @ Cijeruk 19 November 2012

Ento Fieldtrip @ Curug Cigamea Gunung Bunder  24 November 2012

Ento Fieldtrip @ Curug Cigamea Gunung Bunder 24 November 2012

Other topic, I got new friends!! Im happy!! I loved them a lot. I love being master student in Entomology IPB. I got 8 new friends. They are Sumeinika Fitrializmah, Ita Fitriyani, Mba Mahardika Puspitasari, Rion Apriyadi, Bang Muslimin, A’ Taufan Tanto, Bang Agus Hindarto, and also others old friends like Kurniatus Ziyadah, Kak Gilang Adit, Trijanti (De Wiwi), and Nadzir. Nadzir had taught me how to study statictic well and the result I got A. Thanks nadzir, you’re one of my statistic tentor. I treat them as friends, brothers, and sisters. May be I won’t publish this post through facebook just in twitter and maybe someday you guys read this post when you’re search your name through googling. Basically, my blog is searchable and easy enough to find out. I missed them a lot like I fell right now.. “Hmmm…mm lagi ngapain ya mereka?” hehe. Sometimes lutfi nyebelin ya?? Hehe. Maaf yah, bener deh! Ga maksud ko! Hehe.. My bachelor friends, sebut aja namanya Anik bilang gini “Bos, lw si cuek makanya jangan cuek2 biar ga di betein temennya” hehe.. Truthfully gw bisa nangis bombay kalo ga ada kalian.. Hugs!! Gw si pada dasarnya Cheerfull abiss deh! I bet!! Hehee

Small Gathering 44

Small Gathering 44

Ga mudah ya, flashback banyak hal yang terlampaui dan belum sempat ditulis bahkan udah pada mulai lupa hehe.. Oh ya,.  Yesterday I had a meeting with my bachelors friends in many  places in Baranangsiang, Bogor. We talked a lot about everything including me. Some of them surpriced with others appearance. For example my friend sebut aja Taher he told me when he visited campus several days ago “Lutfi?? Yaa….  Temen gw ini makin cantik aja, perasaan dulu ga gini deh”  hahaa Hellooo I grew up man!! Hahaa.. Anyway I loved meet with them.



As I remembered last November 2012, I got a chance being Seminar moderator NPV National Plant Protection event replacing Mba Herma (according to the committee). Im so happy. Hope I could be great as Mba Herma J and I could continue my PhD in somewhere outside this country with my future husband.

Talking about my personal life. Hmhmm.. I won’t shared here. My future husband is somewhere, somewhere that I didn’t know where is that. Let the the time find the answer. “Kata mba Nayu newly married, Harusnya jempolnya buat aku dapat suami paket komplit kaya xxx” heuu Envy lol

Talking about advisor. Yeah,. Confused enough! In the end of first semester I talked with my lectures in Biological control lab. (read: Lab. Pengendalian hayati) and cause of some consideration. I decided take a research in taksonomy and my second advisor is in Biological control lab.

I thought this story is enough it could represent what’s happening in my life on the past 6 months. Actually there was a bunch of unwritten story. Have a great life guys!