Alumni?? In the End of 2011!! Uuu yeeaahhh…

Alumni?? In the End of 2011!! Uuu yeeaahhh…

December, 30th 2011

Seminar: November, 29 2011

Wif friends

Yea,. I’m not student anymore,. Its coll right!  Last November, 29 2011 already completed my seminar. There was about 65 students attended my seminar. So crowded! So cool!! Prettt.. That day became more special since @izzaniy and @ghamo26 held their seminar although in different time. And more special since @eldiaryakbar already completed his Final defence (*re: sidang). Up to know only me (December, 15 2011) and ka Eldi being real alumni because of we have passed our final defence. But it might only me could graduate on Februay 2012 due to the limited chair quota in GWW.

U yeeaaa.. udahlah semua akan indah pada waktunya (*klasik banget). Now I have to continue my life whether working first or continuing my study. Life is about choice. Hope UNDP, Syngenta, Lecturer, World bank could be my life history for my child in the future. Wish me luck guys!

By the way happy New year 2012 guys! New resolution, New spirit, New boyfriend, New status hahhaa lol 😀 *sambil maen kembang api. Yang belum pada lulus! hayoo semangat!!

with love,

Lutfi Afifah, SP (*new degree) hahaa :p