What were we did there??: Syngenta Connection Program 2011

What were we did there??: Syngenta Connection Program 2011

Malang, July, 3-15 2011

“Yeah,. Just wanna share my great experiences that I had. Never imagine that I could follow this program”

This Program actually was held by Syngenta Indonesia and Syngenta Singapore. Last year this program was held in India and for this year this program already held in Malang, East Java,  Indonesia. The students that followed this program come from Indonesia and Australia. Indonesian participants are comes from Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Gajahmada University (UGM), Brawijaya University (UB), and Muhammadiyah University (UMM). Australian participants are comes from University of Sydney, Melbourne University, New England University, La Trobe University, and Charles Stuart University.

Farmer meeting 1: Malang, East Java

Actually there was 3 delegates from IPB, Me, Rita Kurnia Apindiati, and Mahardika Gama Pradana. Still remember we flew to Malang with Batavia Air. Syngenta provide us all the facilities such as transport, hotel, meals, and all of our needs.

Me, Gama, and Rita… Bromooo!!!

 IPB delegates with Cindy (Manager Syngenta Singapore) and Mr. Felix (Manager Syngenta Indonesia)

We miss you Cindy and Mr. Felix…

We did many things there. Five groups conducted farmer meetings in three separate villages. Focusing on safe handling and use of pesticides. One group consist of 2 Australian participants and 3 Indonesian participants. Actually we are (indonesian) take a crucial part as a translator from Farmer to our Aussie friends.

We discuss anything about our program, eventhough there was a little bit miss understanding among us because of the differencies languanges. Sometimes and even often me and my Indonesian friend say “Pardon,.. sorry pardon!!” Hhahaa..  Too much pardon along day. But we try to speak and understand each sentence we had.. haha.. but Actually we know what their speak as well.

Someday when we just finishing our third farmer meeting at July 11, 2011 around 10.00 pm in the car my friends Laura said something to me. He was sat in the back of car. “Lutfi….. bla… blaaaa..” She spoke unclear at that time. I thougth that I was very tired at that time so I couldn’t heard what her speak. “Do you mean this laura?? I showed farmer meeting attendance” “Oh.. no.. no..no!!!” then she repeated what she speak. Then I heard carefully,.. oh gosh! How bad I am ^^v Actually she just said “Lutfi, can you tell the Driver that I want to buy something in the supermarket because I haven’t any mineral water” oh.. yaeahh.. of course Laura! Then I told to the our driver. “What else do you want to buy?” I asked “No, Just water” She said. Those was a simple miss understanding among us. Funny!!! 😀

This is my great team called Awesome team

Laura Phelps, Markus Lang, Ahmad Rifqie Hasan, Me, and Silwanus Zebua

We just focusing in one villages called Gading Kulon.  Mostly the commodity are citrus and vegetables. Commonly, society there couldn’t know how to use pestiside wisely and safely so that we had to explain to them how to buying, transport, saving, and how to disposal pesticide safely.

We gave them any pesticide boxes called “TEMPAT PESTISIDA” in the farmer meeting and make sure in the next day that the boxes already hang well in the wall of farmer’s houses. We were tired at that time! But we were happy.. 😀

In front of Mr Jarwo house: The boxes ready to distribute!!

Laura gave the pesticide boxes to the farmer

River adventure with citrus farmer!!

We got a day for holiday. On July 10 2011 we got a free day. All of us went to Bromo mountain..

That was my first experience to go there. Iam happy!


Markus and me ^^a

Stacey and me: There was a wheat field there! Awesome!!

That was my story,. really great experiences,. Miss you all guys!!

Best regards,

Lutfi Afifah