Lutfi Afifah, September 24th 2011

Mike Nicholason- Me- The Marsaban Family (my sponsor)

“Thanks for supporting me”

Whats going on? Hey you!! Are you okay?? Haha.. “Ok, little bit afraid and worried” haha.. Last month I published post that showed how I am at that time and this month is not too different. It almost the same, something that I know writing a story and publish in my blog is thousand better than writing my Draft Thesis. Its not because Im lazy!! Soory Im hard worker : p but its too long time waiting. Definitely Im BORED!! Bapak.. kapan saya lulus?? 😦

Here I have some photos that I already got from Get Togather Goodwill 2011-2012. Yeah,. “PLEASE WELCOME NEW COMERS!!” lol

Opening address by Goodwill new chairman Mike Nicholson

“We will give you the best and we have to be better than before, so please give us Feedback!! It will help us to make improvement of Goodwill’s work”

Speech of Appreciation by Apsari Dianing Bawono (Graduated from IPB Faculty of Economics Dev. Of studies in 2007)

“Goodwill has become a bridge for us to achieve our dreams. Many good roads that are open since I joined, I bet!! 1 will pay it forward!!” When she was a student she was sponsored by Mr. William. Now she become one of goodwill sponsor that already sponsored a student. She truly paid it forward!

Introduction of Goodwill Alumni Association (GAA) by Niko Ningsus Songko

“There were more than 400 succes students of goodwill Alumni, overseas and inside the country. I know that it difficult to make them become one roof  but if we were not to start from now so WHEN??”

Message from Instructor Victor Chandrawira

“I wont see all of you in a classroom but I will see you all in Cheko, Geneva, German, Australia” 😉 waw!! Actually when Ibu mien call me, I was on my flight to Geneva because of my work.

Message from IPB’s Lecturer represent Dr. Rimbawan

“We know that UI’s student come from rich family it different with IPB’s student. They do not fortunate with funding, most of IPB’s students come from RURAL AREA, so please pak Mike give IPB more Scholar than UI” 😀 haaha Actually I don’t know what Goodwill before. Its my first time visit. I was so amazed all of students speak in English, waw!! I will tell to the student, it was a great program!

-That was my story, just wanna break my bored time.  Terkadang mahasiswa tingkat akhir kaya gw ini sedikit banyak perlu bercerita biar ga stress!! Tau sendiri kan,. semua itu memang berat tapi bagaimana kita menyikapinya saja. Kalo gw sih, biasa aja treat as well as nothing problem. Mungkin di luar sana banyak para “galau’ers” ditengah tugas akhir mereka. Satu kata deh dari gw!! SEMANGAT guys!! There will be a right time and that time will be yours!!-

Warmest regards,

Lutfi Afifah “Goodwillers 2010-2012”

Between Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and University of Indonesia (UI): Yayasan Goodwill International “Special Training Kinasih”

Between Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) and University of Indonesia (UI): Yayasan Goodwill International “Special Training Kinasih”

Lutfi Afifah , April, 16-17th 2011

Great moment with Goodwillers

“Where there is a will there is a way, When there is a goodwill there is a goodway”

According to the history, on 1950 Universiteit van Indonesia known as Universitas Indonesia has many Agricultural sector faculty like Agriculture faculty, Forestry, Veterinary, Fisheries, and Animal science faculty. Due to the decision of Ministry of National Education on September 1st 1963, These faculty separate from UI. The Directorate has made a new institute that known as Institut Pertanian Bogor. That’s why, UI and IPB like a brother and sister #just opoinion heheee…


Creative Performance Group V

Yayasan Goodwill International (YGI). Anybody know? Not all of the student know about that. Of course, even me! Firstly, I know that when I was in 4th semester. My Agricultural economic lecturer (read: Ekoper)  ever told us about her achievement when she was in Undergraduated program. She got scholarship from Goodwill and her sponsor from American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia (AmCham) *if I’am not mistaken hehee.  You inspired me! Thank you miss!

Finally!! I got it!! Hip hipp horray! Thanks God. Took a long time process to be Goodwillers. Oh God.. I passed many process from the election of data, interview by Chairman of Goodwill, and the last Get together I. According to me, Interview was the most unforgettable phase.  Due to, the first and the last we met Japanese person, Mizue Hara (chairperson of goodwill). This obituary make us sad. But don’t worry Ibu Hara, your spirit is in us!! We will continue your mission to bring Indonesian leaders in the future. #sok banged dah gw! dateng aja masih sering telat heheee

Every goodwillers got a sponsor. Most of the sponsor come from International association, International firm, or privat family. I got sponsorship from “The Marshaban Family” Now, they are living in Hobart, Australia. One of the marshaban family is Ibu. Julie marshaban. She is like our mother in Goodwill due to her dedication to replacing ibu Mizue hara as a chairperson of Goodwill International. Ibu mien, mbak rossa, mas Broto, mas niko, alumni, and other pembina always give their support for us.

Pembina has represented "The Marshaban Family" as my sponsor at Goodwill Get Togather II

Yeah, I’ve followed this training. This training held in the Wisma Kinasih, Caringin, Bogor. Its like a resort. The committee already booked a room especially only for Goodwillers from IPB and UI. This special training held for two days April, 16-17 2011. I was happy because this training make us know more about the other Goodwillers personality  not only from IPB’s student but also UI’s student. I met many great friends. I know that they were so powerful, energetic, and smart students, of course me too. Hehee *menyenangkan diri sendiri. There was many Public speaking competition held in Kinasih. Debate, Impromptu speech, Thanks of appreciation for Goodwill, and Persuasive speech. I’ve followed Impromptu speech and Persuasive speech. Although I couldn’t be a winner. Ive already try to be brave and to be confident in front of peoples.

“Tanabata” was the session in goodwill training that goodwillers have to write their wishes in bamboo’s tree. I still remember that one of my wishes that say “Get husband from Goodwill alumni” ahaahaaa.. cool !!  #Just kidding. heheeee.. Hope I’ll get scholarship extension and could finish my bachelor soon as possible.

Goodwiillers wishes on "Tanabata"

Best regards,

Lutfi Afifah